“ ‘UPSET’ is the most exhilarating game I’ve ever played.
It is truly a game of extreme ‘highs’ and ‘lows’, where
nothing is predictable. Pure energizing fun ! ”

Shawn, age 45

“ Me and my buddies used to get together to play poker
but now our poker night has turned into ‘UPSET’ night.”

Jason, age 32

“ I’m a huge fan of ‘Yahtzee’ and I find ‘UPSET’ more
challenging because of the different strategies involved.”

Deanna, age 42

“ I love the fact that the cards can change the game around
from one minute to the next.”

Mabel, age 69

“ I like that it’s a family oriented game.”

Garry, age 68

“ It’s so unpredictable, a different game every time. I want
to play it again and again ! ”

Matthew, age 14

“ It’s an exciting game because there’s so many
different elements to it.”

Ellen, age 15

“ You’re never bored, it’s always exciting and you never
know what’s going to happen next ! ”

Lisa, age 29

“ I love it because it always keeps you on your toes. It’s
a roller coaster ride of attack and revenge ! ”

Dena, age 33

“ ‘UPSET’ is fabulous, I can’t get enough of it ! I play
with the grandchildren and we all enjoy it.”

Vera, age 55